Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nikon D3x hint found in new firmwear

A Nikon D3 Flickr Group member found the following inside the firmware upgrade of the Nikon D3 which was recently released.

6048x4032 24.4 M
4544x3024 13.7 M
3024x2016 6.1 M
5056x4032 20.4 M
3792x3024 11.5 M
2528x2016 5.1 M
3968x2640 10.5 M
2976x1976 5.9 M
1984x1320 2.6 M

Now why would 24.4M be there? :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

flickTube (do not want)

flickTube (do not want)
Originally uploaded by tracer.ca
Of all the things to implement in Flickr, the last thing I needed was flickTube. If I wanted YouTube I'd go to, well.. YouTube. I guess Yahoo! Corp felt the need to compete. This is just plain sad really.

It would have been really nice for the flickr dev team to have been working on something that really DOES need improvement. Like maybe the horrible message board system? Or allowing people to see the site on black backgrounds which traditionally make photos look better? Or any of the other enhancments users have hacked together using javascript as standard features?

(P.S. school + work has made me too busy to post here often)