Thursday, March 08, 2007

No Nikon D3, just a D40x

Looks like I and many others were wrong. It doesn't look likely sooner than March now for a Nikon D3.

And now, for the D40x:

I have a negative bias towards the D40 itself. This camera represents another nail in the death of Nikons backwards compatibility. Not only does this camera not meter with pre-AF lenses (as has been the norm for Nikons lower end bodies for some time now), it also doesn't Auto Focus with pre AF-S lenses (screw drive AF doesn't work). The feeling of "screwing the customer" continues with the D40x. Sure, this model doesn't replace the D40. It's more expensive and will be sold along it. They should have called it something else. Every D40 owner I know is pissed (even though they know it costs more).

The other problem I have with this camera, is I admit, a reality of todays consumer digital camera market. There is NO reason for this camera to have 10 mega pixels. In other words, no reason for it to exist. Some people have floated the idea that the 6MP sensors aren't going to be made anymore. I don't buy that. The real reason this camera exists, is because the Canon Rebel XTI has 10MP and Nikon did have about a $400 price gab between the D40 and the D80 body they could fill. Sadly, most consumers don't realize that they don't need it, nor even want it. More megapixels just means less shooting buffer and more storage needed. However, I hear all the time about how people would rather get the Rebel because it's got 10 MP, it must be better... right? *sigh*

If you plan to buy the 18-200mm VR Nikkor and attach it to this camera, go ahead. If you're interested in photography as an art, please buy any other Nikon except for this one, one that can AF with classic Nikon AF Lenses.