Sunday, January 01, 2023

New Year, old me.

I'm not doing new year resolutions for 2023 (or any year really). Make the choice to improve yourself as soon as you can whenever you can. I made the choice to do so much earlier in 2022. I've finally recovered from the back injury and subsiquint herniated disc I sustained at the end of 2019. Parenting has settled into a manageable pace. Something un-expected has also improved my outlook, my employer has moved to a four day workweek. Having that extra day off does wonders for your mental health and ability to improve yourself. So with that, I will reflect on what I started in 2022 and hope to improve apon in 2023. 

Physical health 

One thing that my herniated disc prevented me from doing was taking care of my body other than what was needed for that injury. I'm now back to the gym 3 days a week. On the bicycle trainer and/or bike park 2 days a week and trying to eat better. I'm not dieting, just trying to slow down how fast I eat and stop eating when I'm full. I've already noticed an improvement there. Once the weather improved I'll be riding even more outside. 

My YouTube channel

I started a YouTube channel, Paul.Bike, just over one year ago. I have not been posting nearly as often as I would like. Nor is the quality of the videos nearly as good as I beleive I can do. I'm enjoying the process though. Slowly improving in both metrics. Will continue improving in 2023.


I've gotten back into reading again after a long break. Not much to say here other than listing some of the authors I've really enjoyed over the last few years:
I've strangrly gotten into the Urban Fantasy genre starting with the Creatures of Darkness series mentioned above. I'm exploring that genre now and finding a lot of good (and also bad) there.

Maybe I'll even write more, starting with this blog. Who knows. Hope your 2023 keeps you moving forward.