Thursday, June 26, 2008

D700 Chinese Forum Translation

My friend Stone was kind enough to translate the forum post referenced below.

We had discussed strenuously about whether D700 is existent or not in the last week, and EVO gets the final conclusion that D700 is not just rumors, it is real. Also, EVO got the info again this week that D700 has flash built into the body.

*** photo here ****

You can confirm build-in flash from above photo, from which you can see a segmented line on the top front of camera body. You also can confirm the reality of D700 from the strap above which has ‘D7’ on it. Again, the photo maybe exposes another info about the type of lens it uses: upgraded version of Nikon's AFS-S 24-120mm VR unit (notice the size of the lens and the VR marker near the body).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

D700 shot in the wild

Update: Turns out this particular shot is a fake.

[Edit: Photo Removed]

From a Chinese forum (via Nikon Watch)

See the prism/popup flash. That is unlike anything before it. The strap also has D700 strap (though you can't see the rest of the zeros)..the D70 strap did NOT look like this so this is also a key sign.

We wait for July 1st.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nikon D700 all but confirmed by Nikon

"The spokesperson did volunteer that the pictures were taken at the agency where the brochures were printed."

If that's not an admission I don't know what is.

From CNET Asia

With that, here is the new D700 group on Flickr.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nikon D700 FX (Full Frame) DSLR

Seems like some found a post on a Chinese message board about the D700. Looks damn real if you ask me.

Nikon D700 Perspective Corrected

(via Nikon Watch)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Canadian DMCA

The Conservative Government has brought forth new legislation that would make the average Canadian a criminal. Some facing huge fines. Why? Because some large US corporations cannot adapt to the changing landscape and they want their old school business models to stand.

I'm talking about the new An Act to amend the Copyright Act, Bill C-61. If you read the Industry Canada Press release on the matter, you'd think it was a good thing. But it's all spin. If you read the fine print you'll see that it's all smoke and mirrors. The real catch is you are not allowed to have, make or more importantly use devices or programs that break digital locks. Digital locks can be anything that dictates how you can and cannot use the digital media you now posses. This is a broad and over reaching act. Imagine being sued by a printer manufacturer because you make aftermarket ink cartridges for their printers?

Closer to home, you won't be able to transfer your copy protected CD or DVD to your portable media player (iPod) without a $20,000 fine. Want to unlock that cell phone that you bought because you're travelling to another country and don't want to pay insane roaming fees? $20,000 fine.

I could go on, but there is even a more important point. How is Canada going to police this? How much of our tax dollars is going to be spent turning us all into criminals instead of battling REAL issues that we call genuinely care about? The answer can be found in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement which our government is now negotiating and mentions in this new copyright bill. This trade agreement has very little to do with counterfeiting and everything to do with policing copyright infringement on a level like many police states. ie. having your iPod and notebook searched by border guards in member nations for copyright material.

I'm not sure who Jim Prentice, the Industry Minister responsible for a lot of this is working for. Canadians or Lobby groups representing large US corporations. I encourage you to help Kill Bill C61 by writing your MP, the Industry Minister and our Prime Minister.