Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone in Canada

Though Apple is not releasing the iPhone official in Canada any time soon (probably because Rogers sucks), you can still buy one readily now.
Here is one place that has the iPhone available.

I'd rather buy the Sony P1 anyways as it's feature set is more inline with what I'm after.

Why the Sony P1?
1. Open Phone for less money (no worries about unlocking or updates etc)
2. Wifi (seriously, this is a basic phone feature now)
3. Cell Phone reception (apparently better but not verified by me)
4. Bluetooth Support (again, apparently better but not verified by me)
5. I hate touch screens (this is personal)
6. Upgradeable memory (M2 cards are currently at 4GB, 6GB and 8GB Coming soon)


Christina Norman said...

Yay I've missed my hardware pimp updates, please post more techy stuff.

Steve said...

Why the Sony P1? What does it give you?

Just curious ... you technophiles-that-aren't-Apple-fanboys are a rare breed nowadays. (I succumbed when I got my first iPod)

Paul T. said...

I'm not an Apple Fan Boy. If Apple had a Convertable Tablet PC of the size of the now gone 12" PowerBook I'd probably own one. But the iPhone doesn't impress me that much as a phone. I've updated the original post with a list.