Thursday, June 26, 2008

D700 Chinese Forum Translation

My friend Stone was kind enough to translate the forum post referenced below.

We had discussed strenuously about whether D700 is existent or not in the last week, and EVO gets the final conclusion that D700 is not just rumors, it is real. Also, EVO got the info again this week that D700 has flash built into the body.

*** photo here ****

You can confirm build-in flash from above photo, from which you can see a segmented line on the top front of camera body. You also can confirm the reality of D700 from the strap above which has ‘D7’ on it. Again, the photo maybe exposes another info about the type of lens it uses: upgraded version of Nikon's AFS-S 24-120mm VR unit (notice the size of the lens and the VR marker near the body).

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