Thursday, January 04, 2007

eBay raises prices, again.

It must be nice to be a monopoly.
eBay, has once again raised prices.
Lets say you want to sell something that you list for a $1 and ends up selling for $20.
$0.40 to list the item (this changes if you list it for a higher initial value) and then 3.25% for the final value. so that's $1.15 so far.
But wait, you're using PayPal right (You better be, it's the only officially supported payment method on eBay now).
So that's $0.55 + 2.9% another $1.13
Hold on, you charged for shipping right? That doodad you sent will cost $6 to ship. Oh, you get nailed for that on paypal too. So that's actually $1.30 you owe PayPal.
So your $20 isn't actually yours. You only get $17.55
This adds up quick.
Sure, eBay is not technically a monopoly, but they might as well be.

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