Saturday, January 20, 2007

My new notebook

So, one of the things I got stolen was my notebook.
I know I'm not going to get much from the insurance company for my crappy old Dell. So I just went out and got a new one. I really needed one. Especially with my new class. I decided on a small notebook as portability was more important. I also was toying around with the idea of a tablet.

I spent some time reaserching.But I ended up where I knew I would, with IBM. They (well, I guess now Lenovo) make the best notebooks. I knew this from years of working in IT at an add agency. It's one of the reasons I will never buy an Apple product (worst customer service I ever had to deal with).

I did end up cheeping out and getting an older (though still new model). Overall I would say I am happy with the purchase. I ended up with the x41. It's a bit slow, but $800 less than the new one.

How do I like the tablet part? This entire post was "written" on it.
What's this?

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