Monday, February 05, 2007

Nikon D200s or D300 DSLR coming soon?

If you look at Nikons release dates for their DSLR line, you'll notice that they release a new or updated version of a body about every 18 months.

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OK, so it's not that clear that it's 18 months. In the D1x/h -> D2x/h it was several years jump. Same with D100 -> D200.
But things have changed since back then. Is the D200s or D300 due out this Spring?

D11999/06/15initial model
D1X2001/02/0518 months since D1
D1H2001/02/0518 months since D1
D1002002/02/21initial model
D2H2003/07/2229 months since D1H
D702004/01/28initial model
D2X2004/09/1643 months since D1H
D2Hs2005/02/1618 months since D2H
D70s2005/04/2016 months since D70
D502005/04/20initial model
D2002005/11/0144 months since D100
D2Xs2006/06/0120 months since D2x
D802006/08/0916 months since D70s
D402006/11/1619 months since D50
D200s / D3002007/05/01projected 18 months
D3hOverdueprojected over 23 months
D3x2007/12/01projected 18 months


David said...

Nikon's product cycles are pretty predictable: cameras are replaced every three years, and refreshed every 18 months. I really wouldn't be surprised if the D50 is refreshed or facelifted at PMA - I think there is a niche between the D40 and D80 which could be filled by another body. Whether it is an advanced 6MP body or a simplified 10MP camera is anyone's guess.

I have the D200s pencilled in for a June release and the D3H rollout for the end of August to coincide with the IAAF World athletics championships in Osaka. The D300 and D3X are probably end of year announcements.

Anonymous said...

These details cannot be confirmed but come from a source that has direct contacts at Nikon USA:

Nikon D300
Release Date: August 23rd
1.1X Sensor Conversion

That's all the details there are at the moment.

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