Thursday, February 15, 2007

US Corporations lie about Canadas Copyright stance

So the US Media giants are at it again. In a recent Globe and Mail article US organizations are quoted talking about how horrible Canada is when it comes to cracking down on those bad pirates. The reality is that we're doing just fine. The USA is just pushing their laws on the rest of the country to protect their corporations failing business models. The biggest lie in this piece is the following:

"Canada remains far behind virtually all of its peers in the industrialized world with respect to its efforts to bring its copyright laws up to date with the realities of the global digital networked environment," the group argued in its submission.

What? What Peers are they talking about? The only country that has draconian copyright laws is the United States. Our governments job is not to protect outdated business models.

Michael Geist has a great response to this article.

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