Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Panasonic (or why not to get the Nikkor 18-200mm)

Panasonic today announced the new DMC-TZ2 and DMC-TZ3.

I have not used this camera. The fact that we have a camera this small, with a 10x optical zoom is amazing though. It's also got OIS, which is one of the only image stabilization systems that actually works in compacts (vs. Nikons VR and Canons IS which work fine in SLRs, but not compacts). This lens also starts at a 28mm equivalent field of view on 35mm which should be the new basis for compacts, not the traditional 35-36mm.

This, and cameras before it, are why I don't recommend lenses like the Nikkor 18-200mm. Those lenses are not great. They just have a very nice zoom range. Users who buy it usually say something along the lines of "This lens allows me to travel compact as it's the only lens I need". Well, then why not just get one of these? It's smaller and cheaper than the lens. You also get a whole nother camera out of it. Sure, a Nikon DSLR + Nikkor 18-200mm will take better pictures. But not by much.

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